Thursday, July 26, 2007

A new (well new to the blog anyways) trick

Since we left for PEI, he's been able to stand up on his own. Holding onto something, obviously, but standing up none the less. Jeff was staying close in the picture - hard wood floors and a hard cedar chest give mommy weak knees.

He sometimes manages to walk a few steps if I'm holding him up by his hands, but he's still shaky. I'm not expecting him to walk anytime soon (so you can stop rolling your eyes!) but I like giving his legs some practice. And really, I think I owe it to the Jumperoo for his legs being so strong.

We were playing in the grass yesterday and I really liked these two pictures :) The second one shows him kind of puckering his lips (I caught him just as he was finishing). He thinks it is hilarious when I made the fish face and he tries to imitate me. Now he just puckers his lips randomly.

Oohh and Jeff was the SMRT one, and took a short video of Carson's inchworm routine


Amuldoon said...

SMRT- tee hee.

Sonya said...

toooo cute. The inchworm kills me. And look at him standing up like such a big boy!!!!! Go, Carson, go!

desajair said...

that rocks. I can't believe Kailey will be doing that in two months! (give or take I mean)