Thursday, July 05, 2007

He's growing up...

He always sits up now (he only fell once, on top of his hands and he cried because I think he was scared)
He makes a ton of noises and I think he's close to saying Dada (the D is easier then the M to say)
He is REALLY loving his mom these days (sometimes he cries when I leave the room)
You can always get him to laugh
He's super tall
He takes his pants off when he's sleeping (not looking forward to him taking his diaper off)
He wants to feed himself instead of me doing it
He's starting to move (he can inch himself forward on the ground)
If I'm lying down with him he'll turn himself all the way around and try to crawl up on me
It's only a matter of time before he's crawling
His two teeth are so big now!
He puts his head down on my shoulder when he's tired

He's so adorable and such a really good baby and I love him to bits and bits and want to throw him against the wall (believe it or not that's how I explain just how cute something is)

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