Wednesday, August 01, 2007


These pictures make him look like he's a toddler. Having his face super dirty (chewing on a teething bagel) and passed out in a stroller. I can't believe I have one of those.

After hitting up Farm Boy and Costco, we came home for lunch and then after his nap we walked over to Kaethe's to play for a bit and then have dinner (golf widows bonding) and instead of taking the car (Jeff was at Broadway and could have gotten a ride home) I walked home. It was the first time we had gone in this stroller (since he was using it with the car seat) and he loved it. He loved sitting up and watching the cars, the animals and the people. But on the way home, he was so tired he kept doing the head nod until I realized he was falling asleep. So I leaned the chair back and he wasn't too happy about that, so I gave him a bit of a bottle, he got comfy and fell fast asleep. It's about a 1.5K walk over there, so about .5 into it he fell asleep so slept about 10 minutes. I didn't want to wake him up, but I did. I gave him a bath and now he's in his crib squealing (happily). That's his new thing - he loves testing the different pitches of his voice. He did it a few months ago, but now it's more of a happy thing. It's cute. He's cute.


Kristen said...

Awww....I think he's gonna be a football/hockey player, he's a big boy!

I used to love going to farm boy when I was little, I really need to make a trip back to Ontario :).

CrYs said...

he looks enormous in those photos.. isn't it crazy how fast they are growing ??? :(