Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So excited...

Carson, Grandma, Grammy and I just went out walking on the sand bars (low tide) , digging clams, looking at snails, starfish, mussels, oysters... and I loved it. I love just walking and pointing out all the different things that we were seeing and Carson was in his bjorn, kicking his feet, singing, talking, leaning his head back towards me and snuggling, and just being happy.

I can't wait until he's older and he can be out walking with me and I can tell him all about the world, everything that lives in it and why they are there, what they do. I'm so looking forward to teaching him so many things.

Some times I just feel like I want to do so many things all at once, I just feel like I won't have enough time with him, which I guess is silly, but maybe not.

I also love that fact that each summer we will migrate to PEI to a beautiful cottage RIGHT on the water - he'll be saying "How much longer until we are there" and he'll run right out of the car and towards the cottage... almost like we do right now :)

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