Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Is it so wrong to give your baby a lemon to suck on?

If it is, sue me. He LOVED it. Now it's his treat if we go out to eat - I always ask for lemon in my water and now I give it to him.

He's eating (and I use that term loosely, it's more like just gumming) crackers and bread. And cheerios - he loves the damn Cheerios. He is so good at picking them up, but sometimes they drop out of his hand before he gets it into his mouth and then he looks around wondering where it went.

I haven't started him on meat yet, but I'm intending to today.

We're back home now, I swear when I brought him into his room yesterday he looked at his crib and smiled. I was happy to see MY own bed, so why wouldn't he be happy to see his bed?

I'm collecting the Michael's coupons to pick up a scrapbook, some double sided tape and a package of super nice pens to make his photo album. It's going to be gorgeus! Now to sift through the 3000+ pictures that I've taken since he's been born and decide which ones are going in the album.


annette said...

LOL I totally get that about your own bed. One of the first things I do after I get home from being away (well, after I hug my cat) is go lie on my bed.

Warning: Michael's has wonderful scrapbooking supplies. It's easy to get carried away by all the pretty paper and die cuts! LOL I've learned my lesson and stay clear of the place now.

Sonya said...

Welcome home!!!!!!!

Where are the Michael's coupons that you collect? Lol, the amount of money I spend at that place, I need some help.:-)

The scrapbook is a wonderful idea - I'm thinking of creating one for Raiya's first year. I should probably get a start on it!

Christy_Ann said...

Guy loves lemons! We couldn't believe our eyes when he first sucked on one, and he pulls some hilarious faces, but he always says "more, more!"