Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Poor little boog

Boog is right! His runny nose and cough is still there and if I put my hand on his back I can hear it's all congested. I called the doctor and asked if I could bring him in today and now I'm waiting to hear back. His demeanor hasn't changed, he's still as happy as ever, sleeping the same (although he was up a bit early, 6:30 today), but this cold is just not going away. And hearing his chest makes me wonder if there's not more to it. I've stayed away from all medication (because he doesn't seem to be too affected, I never used the cold and sinus medicine before anyways, just the regular old Advil and Tylenol) but he's just not getting better.

Update: I just talked to the doctor's office and she said it sounds like he's doing just fine - if he wasn't able to sleep or eat or had a fever, they would want to see him. But to offer more water (he drinks a ton of water, and I always offer it before a bottle), and if he has problems sleeping to just prop up his mattress a bit and if he's awake due to his cough I could give him the purple dimetapp. So I feel way better and we'll take it easy today - easy to do with the rain. The last few days we spent hours in the park and today he'll miss it cause of the rain. Boo.

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desajair said...

That's awesome you have a doc's office that will return your calls!

I'm sending Carson get well vibes.