Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Interview #3

Didn't go too well either. Lots of reasons (again)

1/ She was older. I would rather have a young mother chasing after my son. Think of me what you wish.
2/ I like seeing a house with toys scattered all over (much like mine)
3/ The playroom was the basement, bare walls and just didn't look cosy.
4/ The backyard wasn't fenced in

I have a few more leads (every day I get more) so yay! Even less stressed today.

Carson and Sofia on Thanksgiving. Yes Carson is in the flowery highchair. Yes, Sofia is frowning at me (she was giving me the GREATEST faces that day) and yes Carson is cute as hell (I knew you were going to say it anyways). What a complete and utter joy he is these days. It's killing me to find someone to take care of him when I go back to work, but when I see him with other kids and chasing them around and playing with them I know that daycare is what's going to be best for him.

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