Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just cause I can.

A snuggle from my good luck charm before my interview (which ended with a new job for me, so he IS my good luck charm)

Hanging out this morning, making his growling noise:

He LOVES music and always goes straight to the stereo when I turn the music on every morning. He now knows that the buttons DO things.

He LOVES his toast. When I ask him if he wants toast, he crawls to his highchair.

Just sitting around, playing with his toys while mommy is in the kitchen


desajair said...

Where did you get that little rocker? Kailey has grown out of her bouncy chair and I've been searching for a new chair... bumbo works, but something she can hang out in for a little longer than she can the bumbo...

CrYs said...

i am in LOVE with that picture of him with the growly face. he's adorable..
congrats on the new job.. hope the daycare search pans out for you soon.
give carson hugs & kisses from his buddy alexander :P