Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He's listening!

I've been talking to Carson since he was born. I tell him everything. I describe what I'm doing, what I see, what he's eating, what I'm thinking, and everything in between. I just like him hearing my voice, hearing words, hearing conversation.

Anyways, like I said before, he's been going up the stairs for a couple of months now. The issue is always going down the stairs. Whenever he edges towards the stairs (and would start to go head first if I didn't try to stop him) I always say "We don't go down the stairs like that, we turn around and put our legs first, not our hands". But then I physically turn him around and help him down the stairs that way.

Tonight him and I were playing upstairs in the hallway and chasing each other from room to room. He quietly made his way towards the stairs and I said "Carson let's stay upstairs" and that's ALL I said. He looked at me and then he turned around and went down two stairs. On his own. Without me saying it. Without me physically doing it for him. I was in shock. I yelled to Jeff to come. It was the first thing that he's done that I've taught him! It was amazing.

Sure he drinks from his sippy cup, he has fantastic dexterity and picks things up, turns them over in his hands, gives kisses - but all of those just come naturally. I didn't have to really teach him any of it (ok, maybe the kisses part)... but this, for some reason it really just amazed me.

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