Monday, October 29, 2007

It may seem a little extreme...

But after a good long talk with Kate on Friday night, I've taken her suggestions at transitioning Carson into daycare life. I talked about Kate before, this is the same schedule they followed at GCCS when she worked at their daycare, and she has found it to work the best for Carson's age group.

Two weeks before I go to work:
Monday - Carson and I will go to the caregiver's for an hour in the morning. Kate says it's important for Carson to see me at the place where he will be spending his days, so it's not a scary place. Also, he needs to see me interacting with the caregiver so he knows that she is "safe".
Tuesday - Carson goes alone for 2 hours in the morning, I'll pick him up for his morning nap. It's important to establish early on that this house is for Carson, without mommy. If you spend any more time there with him, it will be that much harder when you leave.
Wednesday - same as Tuesday
Thursday and Friday - Carson goes in the morning + morning nap -I'll bring him home for lunch. Naps are a special time, so I'll be there to pick him up right after his nap. They are ultra sensitive when they wake up and it will be scary the first few times he wakes up and is greeted by a new person.

1 week before I go to work:
Monday - Carson goes in the morning and lunch and he takes his afternoon nap at home. Slowly add in more of his daily routine.
Tuesday and Wednesday- Carson goes in the morning, lunch and stays for his afternoon nap and I pick him up right afterwards
Thursday and Friday - Carson stays for the full day!

I have to go talk to our caregiver and run this schedule by her. It's important for her to know it's not because of HER but because of HIM. Kate says that normally the first week is pretty easy, it's new and fun. It's normally the second week where they start to figure out this is now part of their routine and that's when they may freak out (if they are going to, that is) so I really want to be at home for that second week (ie: not at work) so in case he really needs me, I'll be there. I wouldn't go if he was crying for a bit... he'd have to be in dire needs of me before I went over. He has to figure out that this is what's going to happen from now on. Ha, I say all this now - but I have NO idea how he's going to react when it happens. So far he's great with people he doesn't know... so I'm hoping it stays that way.


Anne said...

That sounds like a great plan. I would tell you about someone I know who didn't have a plan like this, but I'm paranoid that she reads here. If you want the story, email me. anneblanke at

Kristen said...

That's a great plan, which will definitely make the transition easier for both of you.

I don't think it's extreme at all...extremely smart maybe :)

Raiya's mum said...

This is really, really great - and so helpful to me as well, Christy. I'm going to be starting the transition process in a few weeks, and I had no idea where to begin. THANK YOU for posting this - you're the best.:-)