Monday, October 15, 2007

I can't help myself

Honestly, he is the CUTEST thing these days that all I want to do is show his pictures to everyone. He's so fricking funny too. And smart. He knows where the fan, ball, truck, water (sippy cup), book, upstairs, downstairs, grandma, nono and mommy and daddy are. It's amazing. He plays catch (or rather toss), he crawls onto my lap to read a book, he gives KISSES (to me! I just realized that yesterday and he came towards my mouth with his mouth wide open and what did I do? Cried. Cause I didn't know he could do that) and he snuggles again. He lays his head down on both Jeff and I's chest and snuggles. It's the best feeling in the world. And he plays. Boy does he ever play.


desajair said...

Carson has a ball room? LOL--too funny. He's certainly not hard done by is he? He's too cute--he's an awesome little dude!

Christy_Ann said...

Wow - beyond cute! It's such a fun age. Guy is two very soon and I think we have discovered why it's called the "terrible two's" !!

He's getting very independent (read: stubborn) and his favourite word is "no, no, no NO NO!!!" followed closely by "Guy, Guy Guy" which is quite cute.

Alea said...

You can't help yourself? Well, I'm glad you don't! Carson is SOOOO cute and I always hope for pictures when I visit this blog... :)