Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Eek - nervous!

So tomorrow is my first meeting with a woman who has space available in a home daycare in Riverside South. Get this - her son's name is Carson.

Her ad was the first one that really clicked with me. Healthy meals, lots of indoor and outdoor time and the name was "Little Adventures". Anyways, I know you can't "judge a book by it's cover" but I am really hoping to get a good feeling from her tomorrow. I thought I was prepared for this. I have a long list of questions, but now I'm trying to make sure I covered everything. I doubt I'll even ask all of them - if we get along I'm sure the conversation will flow and all my questions will be answered in our conversation. At least I'm hoping :)

I have 4 interviews scheduled in the next week and a half so I'll at least feel a little better, like there IS hope out there.

I'm looking forward to going back to work. For me. But I'm not looking forward to the part of leaving him with someone else. For the whole day. I do spend lots of ME time, but it's normally after he goes to bed. You become quite the pair, he's like my better half right now, he's attached at the hip and I like having him there. But I'm also ready to start my new role - of a working mother. I will wear the title with pride but will miss my little boy.


desajair said...

I'm really jealous of your mindset. All I feel is guilt and anxiety about going back to work!

I hope that interview works out--that add was super cute!

Raiya's mum said...

I know exactly how you feel, except I'm not at the point where I'm ready to go back yet, without worrying. I want so badly to take care of her myself, you know? But I also want to have a career. Sigh!

Good luck with the interviews. Out of curiosity, how much does daycare cost in Ottawa? In TO, it's about $1600 a month. Sick, isn't it?

Christy said...

Hi ladies! Don't be too jealous. I am still worried, feeling guilty and anxious, but I'm allowing myself to be excited too.

HOLY SMOKES - 1600 a month??? It looks like it's going to be around 35/day so about 750-800 a month.

Anne said...

Hi Christy,
I read every post, but don't comment. I just wanted to say that when I'm a mom, I want to be just like you. I loved when you wrote "But I'm also ready to start my new role - of a working mother. I will wear the title with pride ".
I'm pretty sure I will feel the same way, while it can't be easy to send Carson to daycare, I love how realistic you are.
I have a friend (we were VERY close) once try to drill into my head that women who work should not have kids, period. We are no longer friends. Anyways, I'm rambling and just wanted to let you know how much I admire you. Carson is a lucky little man.


desajair said...

Just a random comment on Anne's line--I sat beside this elderly women on a plane once, and she was VERY well off--telling me how her daughter was going to university and they were trying to find a good border so she could take her horses with her--but I was sorta complaining that I had to go back to work, and she just looked at me and said "Dearie, we make better mothers because we work, we can bring so much more to the home than we ever could before" And that comment really struck a cord with me. So ya. 8)