Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 1

When Carson was born, I had a rough go.

This time around it's so different. I've only cried once, when he was born, and those were total tears of happiness. I'm happy - happy - happy. I'm not anxious, sad, confused, worried....nursing is going well, I'm not wanting to stay in bed all day - I'm getting lots of stuff done around the house. We've been out for walks, we've gone shopping, heck we've even gone to watch Daddy at the driving range! Jeff's back at work and I'm not counting down the minutes until he gets home at night. Maybe I am cut out for this mommy to a newborn stuff.

And, I had Beckett via c-section and the recovery is so much faster than the first time. I was reading my blog saying how I walked from my mom's house to the bank - about 3 weeks after I had Carson and that had been my first "real" walk. Well, already - look what I've done. I could hardly get out of bed by myself a week after my first c-section. Maybe it's because I exercised my entire pregnancy (or at least until 8 months, my last month wasn't so great - I blame it on the heat!) or maybe just the second time it's easier. Who knows, but whatever it is, I am loving it.

Today we are stranded at home so the windows in my car can get tinted. Which is good, there's a ton of paperwork I have to get around to doing - stuff like that is so HARD to do during the summer, isn't it?

And last night, get this, I SLEPT. I had about 6.5 hours of sleep between 9:30 and 6:30 this morning. For a week old baby, I think that's great!

And I just have to write about how much Carson loves his baby brother. Like LOVES. Every morning, the first thing he asks about is Beckett and he wants to see him. He sits beside me when I'm feeding him. He sits beside the bassinette all the time and brings Beckett his toys (but mommy the baby wants the truck), he was trying to convince me this morning that Beckett needed some juice. Yesterday Beckett and I walked to pick Carson up from care and when we turned into the driveway Carson started yelling to his friends "my baby brother is here, come see him". It's so adorable!

And of course, here are a few pictures:


Teresa said...

Good to hear you are feeling well. How cute Carson is, he's going to be a great big brother. All the best, lovely photos.

Malinda said...

"my baby brother is here!" SO AWESOME!!!

so great to hear you're feeling good and getting sleep.

Beckett is such a cutie!!! so happy for you guys :-) Carson looks so proud to be a big brother!

Alea said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling so good! And hey, you totally ARE cut out to be a mother, no doubt about it! Everybody who reads your blog can easily see this.

Oh, and what a sweet baby Beckett is... and Carson, he's just too cute!

Chantal said...

I hope you don't mind my stalking your other site for an update. Oh Beckett looks so cute and I am so glad to hear everything is going well. Take care!