Friday, July 10, 2009

I do it by myself!

Tonight Carson jumped into the pool by himself! He had floaties on, but he stepped off the ledge and jumped into the pool (of course going under water) all by himself! Jeff was there, but told Carson he wasn't going to catch him and Carson still did it.

That boy LOVES the water. The heater in the pool wasn't working so it was a tad chilly (good thing I'm 39 weeks pregnant so I could easily justify not being the parent who had to go in the water) and Carson was shivering, his lips were blue, but he did NOT want to get out of the water.

He swam by himself too (again, with the floaties of course). Apparently he takes after both mommy and daddy as we were both water babies.

And here's the best picture I could get of his new haircut. Yep, he let me bring him in and get his haircut. He was so good and turned his head whichever way the lady asked. So very proud!
This is him in the pullout couch at Grandma's cottage, he of course had the bedroom and the kingsized bed all to himself but in the morning he got up and came out and got into MY bed!

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desajair said...

So flippin' adorable. Oh! Are those the "puddle jumpers" floaty from C.Tire???? I was looking at those for Kailey, but didn't know if they'd work or not--I guess they do!