Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I can't help but laugh..

At Carson's use of tenses.

Now a days he most oftens gets his now, later, after, soon right.... but just as short as a few weeks ago our conversations would sound like this

"Mommy I don't want to go to bed now" (saying this right before supper)
"Carson, we won't to bed until later"
"I want to go soon" (knowing full well he didn't want to go to bed soon)

Or, if he tried to bargain with you.

"Carson, you have 5 minutes to play until we have to go"
"Mommy I want one more minute" (again, knowing full well it's not like he actually wanted to leave sooner"

It's the addition of all these little words, getting past only using the absolutely essential words in a sentence that makes me smile and giggle at his little sentences.

Although now I just heard a conversation with his Daddy..

"Daddy's painting the room for the new baby when he comes"
"Where's the new baby Carson?"
"In mommy's tummy"
"yes, the new baby is coming soon and I'm painting his room so he can sleep in it"
"Not soon daddy, later"

And in this case, I think he knows exactly what soon versus later means.

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