Monday, July 20, 2009

Doctor appointment

We just got back from our first doctor appointment and poor bunny has lost almost 10% of his birth weight. He was fine upon discharge from the hospital but now he's 7 lbs 8 oz. Which is more than Carson weighed at birth, but it's all relative....

So I have to increase my nursing (which is going WAY better this time around so I didn't cry when he told me I had to feed more, which I would have done if they would have asked me to do the same with Carson, of that I'm quite sure). And Beckett already almost eats quite steadily (well, at night he does, not during the day. During the day he sleeps and at night he eats - he's got this whole living thing backwards!) So we are going back on Wednesday and the doctor wants to see at least a 100 gram gain by then. Come on Beckett, gain weight as easily as your mom does :)

Also he appears to have quite sensitive skin and he's got splotchy blotches all over him. And in some places they are like white-heads (ick, typing that word makes me sick). So we got a topical antibiotic and if it hasn't started to clear up a bit by Wednesday then we will go on oral antibiotics.

And he has a bump on his head! The doctor said it sometimes happens during birth and it's fluid trapped under the skin. In some cases it could calicify (calciumify?) and get harder - but should be gone by a year.

Now I'm off to feed, to bathe him and hopefully the both of us will go for a nap. Last night the only way I could get him to sleep was if I slept sitting up in bed and he laid on my chest. The things we will do for an hour snooze :)


desajair said...

OH! I hope everything clears up for the little guy super fast--I take it no jaundice???

Christy Ann said...

Belated congratulations!... Re: those white-head thingy's... Guy had the same thing... it's very common... they will disappear soon!