Monday, July 06, 2009


I know bedtime is different for all parents, but let me just recount ours from tonight. Carson had his sippy cup of milk and watched 25 minutes of TV like he does every night before bed. When the show is over, he runs over to the TV (ok, some nights like tonight he runs, other times he stalls and walks ever so slowly) to turn it off. Then he always says he wants mommy to take him to bed, but that's Jeff's job.

Carson - daddy is going to take you to bed, mommy is going to do some laundry.
Carson runs over to daddy - daddy you take me
Daddy says - take you where
Carson says to bed!

Jeff asked if he gave mommy a kiss good night, so he runs over and gives me a kiss and a hug and smiles and says goodnight mommy.

Up they go, two minutes later Jeff is downstairs and Carson is singing in bed.

I highly doubt we will get this lucky with number two :)

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