Friday, July 31, 2009

The title says it all

I really and truly am loving every minute of it.

Beckett is such a sweet little baby. I know it's only been two weeks, but if this is any indication of his personality, then we do have a Carson number two. He sleeps, he eats, when he's awake he's just looking around at all of us, he's great sleeping at night too (most often only wakes up twice to feed and then goes right back to bed). He's starting to like his baths more (except he doesn't like so much to get out). He's fussy right before bedtime, where he has this heart wrenching cry (in between wails it's like he has asthma and he wheezes), but then after he has a bite to eat he drifts off into dream land.

And Carson. Well even as I think about him my eyes well up with tears. He's SUCH a good little boy. He loves his little brother so much. He asks about him first thing when he wakes up. When we are out walking or at the park, anyone who comes within talking distance Carson tells them about his little brother. If Beckett starts to cry Carson runs to his side, pats him and says "it's ok Beckett, mommy is coming". His face gets full of worry is Beckett isn't happy.

I've taken the boys out places on my own and it's not even close to what I was picturing. I was wondering how to handle it all. But it's really easy when you have two good little boys like I do.

We booked our trip to PEI - Beckett and I are flying on August 27th and my other two guys are driving. The plan is for them to drive it in one day. We made it back in one day last year and Carson was just perfect, so we are hoping for the same this year. We are going to borrow a DVD player to keep Carson entertained when he gets bored of just looking out the window and listening to music. All 4 of us were going to drive, but if you figure in all the feedings and stops we would have to make with a 6 week old, we thought it would probably take us two days and then that cuts into our vacation time, so we booked mine and Beckett's flight on airmiles and we'll just meet the other half of our family there.

I'm so excited for Carson to see his family, to see the beach again and to experience cottage life!!

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