Saturday, December 29, 2007

A new boy!

Carson has totally turned a corner this last week. We didn't realize how off he had been the couple of weeks since I had started back to work, until the last week when he's been so unbelievably happy. I suppose getting into the daycare routine, being down to one nap, a cold and two teeth coming in all at the same time was a little much.

I must say, I love him being down to one nap. We can actually go places in the morning and he doesn't get cranky when he can't sleep. This morning we went to the coffeeshop behind our house with the girls and all the kids and Carson had a grand old time. He totally looks up to the older kids and just following them around, staring at them in awe.

He's simply loving life these days. My friends are so brilliant, they all told me that each stage is better and better then the last. And it's true. While I loved his first year, it's amazing how much I am loving these days. He's so much more interactive, he's got the most amazing little personality, he loves everyone in his family and he's totally warming up to all our friends now. Today we were out shopping and he was showing everyone his Thomas train, waving to people and smiling at all the ladies and even playing peekaboo** with a lady on the elevator. I'm so very proud of the special little boy he is. Being back at work, I value our time together so much more. We are having so much fun these days, I don't look as forward to 7pm as I did the last couple weeks.

Tomorrow is a big day - we're going to an open house (friends of ours just finished renovating their new house) where there will be tons of kids (none that he's met yet) and I have no doubt he's going to soak it all in and have a fabulous time.

** watching him play peekaboo is quite funny. He doesn't always quite cover his eyes, it's normally his ears, his head, his neck....maybe one of out every 5 he actually covers his eyes.

Mmm toast with jam!

He's such a little boy, he loves playing with his cars and making them go all over the house, the bathtub, his highchair, the stairs, the coffee table.....

Minutes before bedtime, with a little bit of drool to boot!


Christy Ann said...

Oh, your posts are always so heart-warming.

Your friends are right: each stage is better than the last! Guy is saying more and more every day. We have to watch ourselves now!

And he's making up phrases. For some reason he can't stop saying "monkey cake". Who knows what it means???

Sonya said...

Absolutely cute!!!!!

And thanks for the birthday wishes for R. I can't believe she's a whole year old. I can't. Where did the year go?

in the last two weeks, she has developed INSANELY, in terms of her personality. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and we are actually communicating. My head is spinning!

C looks adorable, as always - I love his smile.