Thursday, January 03, 2008


Ok, I don't have any other children, but I thought the next "step" (no pun intended) after crawling was walking. On your feet. But, Carson has found a middle ground, walking on his knees!

Carrie coined it perfectly and said that Carson was just being true to the theory of evolution and walking on his knees before standing completely upright to walk. She also mentioned it made sense becuase both Jeff and I are afraid of heights :)

So no, to everyone who asks, he is not walking yet. When other moms were asked if their 1 year old sons were walking and they responded "no" and said "but that's OK, he'll walk when he wants to" I always thought to myself - they are just saying that to make themselves feel better. But that was before I was a mom. Now I hear myself saying "I AM OK with the fact that he's not walking... it's busy enough without chasing him around on foot!"

I have to get it on video, it's quite funny.

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Christy Ann said...

I think Guy was almost 15 months when he started walking. For a while he'd walk along holding our hand and then one day he just charged off!

It was such an amazing sight. Then he started going from one room to another of his own accord... It felt strange when he would be around one second and on the opposite side of the house the next!

Happy 2008 to you and yours!