Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Card

I wish we could send this as our Christmas card!

Yes, I was up again at 5 with the squirt. I normally get up around that time anyways, but it's much preferred if I stay lying in bed for a while. I'm running out of ideas, I've been reading my bible "Sleep Solutions" and just nothing appears to be working. I'm hoping it's separation anxiety (well, not that I hope he has anxiety) but I like having an explanation, a reason for his behaviour. He still has a cold, so it's probably a mixture of a bunch of things. It's been a tiring week (he still sleeps through the night though, thank goodness) but I've been up at 4 (anticipating his awakening) every morning, a full day of work, and then dealing with him (and yes, it sounds harsh but these days it is) until bedtime. He's still not happy unless he's with me, leaving me not being able to do much of anything.

When he first started to sleep less, he was still happy. Now? Not so much. My only saving grace is he loves daycare and isn't unhappy there at all. It's only at home. And I would rather it be me dealing with him then our caregiver. Not that I don't trust her (I do. Explicitally), it's just I am in a better position to offer my undying love and attention. We have also been spoiled. The first year, Carson was a dream baby - he was happy doing anything, with whatever we threw at him (although we were pretty good to him too), and no matter what changes were made, he just sailed right through them. So, it's completely understandable he's going through this now, with so many changes, but it's harder because I guess we just expected him to go through it without so much as a peep. We were wrong!

We are going to get our Christmas tree this weekend. First stop, Carrie's, to pick up a sleigh that's been passed down from Dad and Arlene, it will be easier to take him for walks outside in the sleigh I think, then the stroller... with the amount of snow we have here in Ottawa! I know it's not very environmentally friendly, but we get a real tree. Growing up my mom always had a fake tree and I swore that when I had my own house, I was going to buy a real tree. And so, that's exactly what I do. Keeping the gaffer away from the decorations is going to be fun. I imagine we will start decorating the tree halfway up. Sunday morning is breakfast with Santa. Carrie and the kids and a few other families are going so it should be fun (maybe leaving Daddy at home cause he's sick).

I got the sweetest e-mail yesterday from a good friend of mine, it sent me into a tear-fest (in a good way) and after I ask her permission to post it, I will.

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