Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Life has changed!

Wow, has it ever. I'm back at work now, and the days just zip by. I only see Carson for about 4 hours a day now, and it's hard. I miss our leisurely days together.

But this week it seems to be harder on him then the previous two weeks. From the minute I get home (this week Jeff has been picking him up from care) until the second he goes to bed, Carson needs to be held by me. Sitting on me. Holding onto me. Some part of his body MUST be touching mine, or he's crying/whining. I know it's because he misses me, and I don't think at this age they have any concept of time so he KNOWS there's a time when I'm not around, so when he does see me he holds onto my for dear life. And it's hard. On both of us. I need to change my clothes, go to the washroom, help with dinner.... but he doesn't let me do any of it. Without him in my arms that is :)

And now that he's one, he thinks he is a big boy and doesn't need to sleep! He's been sleeping from 6:30 - 5 and then MAYBE a 40 minute nap during the day. Yikes. He's dropped to 10 hours sleep a day when it used to be 16. Maybe I bragged too much and now karma is back to kick my butt. He has a bit of a cold now, so that may be it. Maybe teeth? Maybe just the new routine. Who knows. I hope it doesn't last. Although, part of me is happy I get to see him in the morning before I leave for work.

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