Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dec 12th....

All day yesterday I kept thinking - what day is it? The date sounded so familiar and I kept thinking I was forgetting someone's birthday, anniversary, an appointment... something! Then last night while I was lying in bed it dawned on me. It was Carson's official due date. At the time I was pretty happy that he came "early" (although I really think my due date was wrong, but that's another story).

This morning both Carson AND I slept in till 6. It was bliss! I've always know that 5am was too early for him because he was waking up and started crying right away. Before, when he was sleeping in to any time between 6 and 7, he would wake up happy and just play in his crib for up to 45 minutes. This morning, he woke up at 6 and played (but only for a few minutes because I had to start getting ready and needed a few minutes of Carson before I did that). And he was in a wonderful mood. If he had slept any later, I wouldn't have been able to have any snuggle play time with him, so waking up at 6 is perfect for him AND us.

I don't want to jinx anything, but he seems to be settling into the daycare routine (having 3 hour naps from 12-3) and we may be crossing that bridge of him sleeping in longer too. He's eating better and seems to be not as needy for me at night. Although now when we pick him up from care he starts crying when he sees us. It's almost as if he just realized that hey - you haven't been here all day! But as soon as I pick him up and give him a nosey (or Eskimo kiss, I think nosey was just what my dad called it, so therefore it's what I call it) he giggles and opens his mouth and gives me a big sloppy kiss.

Toast is his new word. He really gets the T going and then the rest just sounds like o. But it's cute. And he wants to give me everything these days. His blankie, his sippy cup.... no matter what he finds, he rushes over to either me or Jeff and gives it to us. So cute.

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