Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Carson!

I can't believe it's been a year since he's been here. Being in the hospital when he was first born seems like years ago, and it feels like he's been here forever - but it feels like he's growing up so fast. He's changed our lives for the better and I would never want to go back to the way things were before he was here.

He's just amazing these days. He's talking way more then before - just a few words like Go, Mama, Dada, Go Up and Go Down (although these ones you really have to force out of him). He stands up on his own more and more, he has way more of a personality as time goes on. Everyone comments on what a happy baby he is. Nothing much phases him, you can pretty go anywhere, with anything happening and he just takes it all in stride, smiling the whole time. Even the caregiver said - is he always this easy? We've been having some issues with napping (I think we jumped the gun on trying to cut out one nap) but it's not even like he's grumpy (well, not until about 1/2 hour before his bedtime) and he's still happy. I think he's also excited to be at daycare and doesn't want to sleep too long to miss anything.

I head back to work on Monday and am not sure how I feel about it. I've gone through every emotion and overall - I know I'm looking forward to the next stage. So far, he's been a complete angel for his caregiver. He loves the other kids, loves the dog (Gizmo) he watches his every move, and he loves the goldfish. I will miss the mornings though. He is so snuggly and happy in the morning and I will hopefully get a few minutes, but not the whole morning like I'm used to. But I will so look forward to picking him up at nights, and the time we do spend together.

If the next year goes as fast as this one did (and it will probably go faster, with me being at work), he will be turning 2 before I know it. He's not walking yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time and then things will be purely chaotic. He's already into everything. Every morning the house is in order, with everything in it's place. Give him an hour, and the house is upside down and everything is everywhere. But I don't care, it takes a mere minutes to get everything back in it's place. I'm glad I'm not one of those people that need everything to be in order every second of the day or else I would be pulling my hair out. I love seeing the way he plays with things, what he chooses to play with, the way he looks at things, the things he does and just the way he is. I love that kid more then life itself. I'm sure it will only grow exponentially. Happy Birthday Carson, your dad and I love you more then anything and we couldn't be more proud of our little guy.

We had a big party here today (well, 18 adults and 11 kids) and it was absolute chaos and mayhem - but we wouldn't have had it any other way. Carson played with all the kids, snuggled with the adults (he LOVES his Uncle Rob), ate some cake (of course, it's his birthday!) and opened way too many presents. He got trucks, tunnels, tents, leapfrog games, clothes, a couple sets of mega blocks and lots and lots of books (you can never have too many books). Don't tell him, but I've actually put most of it away and will pull a new thing out every once in a while, when it looks like he needs a bit of a distraction, and I still need at least a square foot of house left for me :)

Here he is while Jeff and I sang happy birthday

Loving his blankieBeing chased by daddy
The guests

Cake! (I made from scratch, both cake and icing I might add!)


Anne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARSON!!! I'm so glad he had a wonderful day :) Wow, time does fly, I remember when you were going on marternity leave. Have a great first day at work!

Sonya said...

Dear Carson,

I know you read your mommy's blog often (she hasn't caught on yet, but whatever!), so I'm leaving you a special message.

Happy, Happy, Happy First Birthday from me and your virtual friend R! Your party looked like so much fun, and I hope you enjoyed your cake.

You're a lucky little boy - your mommy is amazing, and so are you!

Congratulations on reaching this special milestone.


Alea said...

Happy Birthday Carson!!!

desajair said...

Sounds like you all had an awesome day! Yay!

Christy Ann said...

Happy "Birth" Day to you as well Christy!

Unfortunately for me I AM "one of those people that need everything to be in order every second of the day"!!... yes, the constant mess and chaos does make me crazy sometimes, but I'm much more relaxed about it than I used to be!

Don't worry, I also have sqirreled away some of Guy's many birthday gifts. Some he'll get for Christmas (I that bad?) and some I'll save for a rainy day...