Friday, August 24, 2007


The flight here was uneventful - I must say it was much easier travelling with Carson a few months ago, as opposed to now when he's just into EVERYTHING. He sits on my lap and doesn't know what to do first: look out the window, play with the food tray, stand on me and look at the people in the seats behind me (he always finds a friend that way), play with the person beside him or just chew on my hood strings. He's just moving all.the.time now. He fell asleep about halfway through and slept till we landed.

We have lots of space here. The house is huge, so we have the whole basement to ourselves. Which includes two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. So I don't have to worry about Carson waking up the whole house when we are up and playing, and when Carson goes to bed, there's nothing that really wakes him up. It's great.

So far the consensus is what a happy baby he is. And cute. Everyone loves playing with him, feeding him and taking him to look at the cats. Yes, the cats. There are two here: Frankie and Abby. And he's absolutely taken by them. If you ask where the kitties are, he looks down and around for them. They are super gentle cats and he pets them. He doesn't yank them, or pull on their tails, he pets them. And then looks at me with the biggest smile and goes right for them again.

And, he's saying bye bye. If I say "Say bye bye" immediately he says bah bah. He sometimes even waves, but not consistently.

We are having a great vacation. REALLY missing Daddy, having him see all his new tricks, but we'll be home on Tuesday and we are looking forward to it.

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desajair said...

My brother just left for Edmonton this morning! Cool! Hey, we're only a 5 hour drive away if you wanted to come visit the farm. Umm, ya, I know its really not close, but hey, I had to try right? lol