Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yet another NEW trick

Yesterday afternoon I put him down for his late nap. He still hasn't dropped that late afternoon nap around 4pm yet. He just can't make it for longer then 3 hours without sleeping.

Anyways, for the first ten minutes he was just talking and playing, which is completely normal. Then he started to kind of whine/cry but again, that's normal - he's just realizing he wants to sleep and needs to find a comfortable spot (don't we all?). Then he started to cry some more, and then to REALLY cry. So I went upstairs to cuddle him. I walk into his room and get this...

He's sitting up in his crib. Crying. Just looking at me.

He's never gone from lying down to sitting up without our help. I was excited - but sad cause he was crying. He must have sat up and then not been able to lie down again. Of course he totally missed that nap - but wow. I used to think when he was younger that every day brought something new, but now he's learning crazy new tricks all the time!

I bought one of those wooden stands with colourful wires all loopy with beads on them - the ones that you can move the wooden beads along the wire? And he LOVES it. He pushes the beads along and if they make it over a hump and then fall down the slide he looks at me and laughs. So proud of what he's done.

I'm headed to Vancouver on Thursday (yippeee!) for a week and then to Edmonton for 5 days. I definitely won't be posting from Vancouver, but most likely will give a quick update in Edmonton. I'm a tad worried about the time change, but we will make the best of it.

So very excited.

This is a quick picture of him from last night. I was supposed to walk over to Lisa's with him so Aidan and Liz could see him - but it was not going to be possible to keep him up past 7, so I waited until he went to bed and the boys got home so I could skip out and go visit. Anyways, because they wouldn't get to see him, I thought I'd bring a picture. The second picture is of him playing with his new toy (thanks Kaethe!) which he loves and can't get enough of. See him standing up?!?!

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