Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just as I suspected...

I hate to say "I was right", but I was. Carson was never a great eater, he would get upset as soon as we would put him in the highchair. Not every time, but I would have to distract him with a toy to get him into the highchair with a smile. It wasn't that he didn't like the taste of the food, he just didn't like the whole experience. He's a very independent little boy so I thought that he'd start to like it better once he started to eat on his own.

Tonight I gave him pureed carrots and peas, with some of the roast chicken that Jeff picked up from Costco today. I gave him half of an english muffin and some steamed peas, carrots and beans. I had to feed him his carrot/pea/concoction but the rest of it he fed himself. He loved it. From beginning to end.

Right now I'm listening to him squealing as Jeff "roughs" around with him. It's hilarious.

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