Friday, August 10, 2007

He's back!

Our happy baby that is. He woke up all smiles, giggles and babbles this morning. He's happy, he's moving, he's eating, he doesn't have a fever anymore and he's all snuggles. Thanks to everyone for their kind words and wishes!

So happy that it's over. Well, until the next set that is. I thought we were going to have smooth sailing after his bottom two came in and you wouldn't have known by the way he was acting. See, they make us think that we know them and then they throw in a curve ball to keep us on our toes.

I'm off to go shopping after his nap, we have to pick up a present for Sofia who is getting baptized tomorrow! I hope C's adorable (err, handsome) little outfit he wore to his own baptism still fits so he can wear it tomorrow.


Kristen said...

Horray for happy babies!

desajair said...