Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Quite a handful!

Carson is definitely a handful these days. He constantly wants me to be walking him everywhere. He's not happy sitting anymore, he has to be crawling on things, up things, over things, lifting himself up to a standing position, WALKING along the coffee table with his hands, into everything and just busy busy busy.

He was great on the plane yesterday, he was entertaining everyone around him. He'd stand on my legs, facing towards me and grab the back of my chair, pull himself up and smile and laugh at the people behind me. He made friends with the girl beside me (the seat in between us was vacant) and was just a complete and total ham. He slept for about half the flight, and the rest of the time was smiles and giggles. It was wonderful.

Jeff was so happy to see us, I of course, cried. Carson was ecstatic to see his Daddy. Then he would grab for me, I'd take him and he'd look at Jeff and grab for Jeff. It's his new game. I decided it was way too long for me to leave, living out of a suitcase, with a baby is definitely not easy. And it was too long to be away from home, to be away from Jeff. So here we are, home and happy.

Here's Carson with Auntie Sam's discarded animals

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Kristen said...

LOL, too cute. Wait til he's walking on his own....