Sunday, June 22, 2008

Like a weed

That's how fast he's growing. Now he has to go down the stairs like big people do, it takes alot longer but he's so determined to do it by himself. His shoes (size 5) are getting too small, and of course the only ones he wants to wear are the smallest size 5 we have. Those or his rainboots. Nothing else. Yesterday he followed Ethan and Isabelle around, saying their names (A-belle and Etin), and copying whatever they do. He gave everyone kisses before we left yesterday (first time he made "the rounds"). I certainly will not be one of those parents who force my kids to give people (except his parents of course) hugs or kisses, but I simply asked if he wanted to give kisses before we left and he went to Isabelle, Ethan, Auntie Carrie and then Uncle Rob.

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