Friday, June 13, 2008

I know at the very least

Carson's grandma and grammy would like a happy update.

So I'm happy to give it.

Yesterday I got the best email from my best friend saying - bring Carson over for dinner, if he's going to cry, he may as well cry with my kids (especially as our husbands were out golfing together). So I went home after work, got my bike out, biked to care and picked up the boog. He was super happy (have I mentioned how when I pick him up he always jumps up and runs towards me, stomping his legs saying ooohhhh the whole time? It's the best time of the day) but he's been that way the past week (until we get home) so I still didn't know what the night held in store for me.

Putting on his helmet never really goes well, so he screamed bloody murder until it was on and the bike was in motion. Then he just pointed out all the things he saw and heard and was happy for our bike around the neighbourhood. Then we went and picked up a few things at the grocery store and ended up at Kaethe's. He played well, ate well (well, at first he was trying to copy Justen and stand up on the chair, but then he wanted to sit down, he kept dropping food and the dogs would eat it, so he'd cry. I eventually got him to sit on my lap to eat, he didn't want to be the only one sitting in a highchair, so after some initial frusteration of wanting to do things his own way, we ate dinner! Only 6 or 7 bites, but it's better than the past couple nights). When it was time to leave we told him how excited Justen was that Carson would be putting on his helmet, and it worked, Carson happily put it on and showed it off to everyone. We biked home, had a little bit of a fit putting our jammies on, but hey toddlers have fits, and he was out cold for the night.

This morning - up at 5:30, but was happily playing in his crib until I heard up up at about 6:00. He ate breakfast, read a couple books on his own and waved through the window when I left.

It's SO much better leaving for work seeing a happy smiling little boy instead of a red faced snotty nose screaming boy :)

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