Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh lordy lordy

What a rough morning.

The trailer was fun - but it did not include a lot of sleep for the C-man. At 9:30 Saturday night (probably the latest he's ever been up) he was peeking his head underneath the blinds onto the porch and saying "hi". The playpen was pushed up against the window (for lack of anywhere else to put it, and he certainly wasn't going to fall asleep in a regular bed). Sunday morning he woke up cranky as heck, until I finally put him down at 9 for a 2.5 hour nap. No afternoon nap, a brief snooze in the car and happily to bed at 7 (only to stay awake playing for another half hour) - all that ended up with a big catastrophe this morning.

He wanted up, but he'd scream when you picked him up. He wanted milk, but yelled when you gave it to him. Wanted cereal, threw the bowl. Wanted Mom - cried when I got him. Wanted Dad -if mom was around, he'd scream. When I was out of sight, he was fine. A total mess.

But, happiest when we dropped him off at S'. So, he's there, I haven't gotten a call yet (we told her, he's a bear, so if you want us to get him - call us).

That quick almost-gone-before-you-even-think-it of life without children was a brief yet happy thought this morning.

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