Friday, June 27, 2008

Three cheers for good decisions

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine about daycare. We struggled with the whole licensed vs non-licensed daycare (in a home setting) when we were decided where to send Carson.

This is how it mom (with her big mouth, which we kid her about but we love at the same time for reasons exactly like this) was chatting to her hairdresser one day about her daughter (me) living where I live, looking for a daycare. The woman cutting hair beside my mom's hairdresser overheard and said - my sister lives in that area and she loves the girl who looks after her little girl. So my mom asked for her name and number, came home, I called her and met with her that afternoon and we knew we had found the right person.

Last night I went to go pick Carson up and he was there, building a tower with "b-docks" (blocks) and trying to blow them over. After he did his little "Mommy's here dance", she picked him up and was bringing him towards me. She said "He's just so (struggling for the right word)... I just love him so much". To have a caregiver to say that she loves your child? It made me so happy and once again, reiterates the fact that we made the right decision.

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