Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I always thought

That the senseless screaming happened when they were babies - not toddlers! The past two days were, summed up in one word, brutal. Last night was ridiculous. Once again, I couldn't do anything right. I should mention that while at daycare - he was completely happy.

The only time he was happy when we were outside looking at my flowers. He even says flower now. Then seconds later he pointed inside and said oyoy (which either means outside or inside, whichever he's pointing to) so we went back inside where he proceeded to scream for hours on end. Ok, maybe not hours, seeing as he went to bed at 5:50 and woke up at 6:10 this morning.

When he woke up - he was a totally different person. Hopefully now that he's almost caught up on his sleep, he'll back to normal.

He's also had a really stubbon cough for the past couple weeks. It never really went away, and then the last few days it's back in action. He coughed for the first couple hours he was asleep (it even woke him up once) but this morning it's better. I've been to the doctor's twice for this cough and every time, everything comes up clean. If it was continuing until this morning I was going to take him back - but, it seems to have gone (except the accompanying runny nose is still hanging around) so we'll see how he is tonight.

Oh, another bit of bragging from a proud mom. On Saturday morning we headed out to an art display in one of the parks here in Ottawa. To get there, we take much teh same route as we would to go to my Mom's. So about 5 minutes away from my mom's house, we turn onto a fairly busy road (about 4 roads before her house) and Carson looked at me and said Ama, Nono? (Grandma, Nono which is Grandpa in Italian). So the little bugger KNEW where we were going (except it wasn't, but like I said, the same route). Not to say (again) that he's brilliant... but you can make your own conclusion.

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