Thursday, June 05, 2008

Scary report on co-sleeping

Carson slept for 20 minutes in the bed with Jeff, ONCE, about 2 days ago. So this wasn't something that we ever practiced (although some mornings I remember wishing that he would come sleep with me), and I'm not saying whether I approve or not, but I read this, this morning.

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Christy Ann said...

Absolutely. I was drilled by everyone from the mid-wife to complete strangers about co-sleeping. It's one of the top 4 major factors of SIDS etc. Along with placing baby on tummy to sleep, smoking around them and having them/the room too hot.

I was terrified of the idea of SIDS after Guy was born. I hardly slept. Literally. I told my doctor I'd rather not sleep for 6 months than have the other consequences.... yes, I ended up going to therapy! I just totally freaked out because Mum died when I was 3 months pregnant and Dad died when Guy was 6 months old.... so it was very a scary and sad time!

Articles like the one on your link should help raise awareness to this horrible subject...