Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You know what?

I love being a mom. I really really do. If I'm in any type of situation where someone asks if I have kids, I'm so happy when I say yes.

Sure some people may think I don't love being a mom as much as they do, just because I like my balance of work and being at home. Or because sometimes I scoot out and let Jeff put him to bed on his own because I want to meet with the girls for coffee. Or maybe because sometimes on the weekend I head out to shop or meet with friends while, heaven forbid, Carson is awake and it's important to note, happy at home spending alone time with Daddy.

I'm quite happy that when I go away for a weekend in April, I have no doubts that Jeff will be just fine and him and Carson will get along swimmingly without me. I can't imagine being the only one who could care for Carson. The only one who ever put him to bed at night, got him out of bed in the morning - what good is that for anyone involved?

I think having some Christy time is important for all of us. It helps Jeff to become more secure and comfortable in the daddy-role, it helps Carson learn to get along without me, and it helps me be a better mother, wife and all around person.

Carson is growing up to be a kind, generous and happy boy. He's shy for a few minutes when he meets new people, but then quickly shows off all his tricks and wants to play with everyone. I like the person he is, the child he is... I'm quite fond of him. And there couldn't be a prouder mother out there.


desajair said...

LOL--its not THAT bad being the only person to put the baby to bed and get her up in the morning. Just sayin'. LOL

Christy said...

Like I said, different strokes for different folks! I like that he gets exposure to different people and different settings so he's better at coping at changes in his life, but it's only my philosophy :)

Christy said...

(plus, then Jeff would miss out on doing that stuff too!)