Monday, March 03, 2008

The first time

I've ever wanted a vacation to be over... I'm dreaming of my own bed and Carson is his own crib. We all have the flu. It sucks! Last night was the worst of it (I hope). At least Carson went to bed at 6:30 and slept till 4am (when I got up to check on him, he was lying in puke), while Jeff was changing the sheets in his playpen, I was changing his bum and he fell asleep while I was doing it. He went straight back to bed and it's now almost 9am and he's still sleeping. I think this is probably the longest he's ever slept in. He needs it. Yesterday he didn't go down for his nap as easily as he normally does. He'd fall asleep on your shoulder and as soon as you would put him in the playpen he'd start crying. After doing this about 6 times, I finally put him down and let him cry for a bit. I knew he was tired and needed to sleep. He went to bed about 5 minutes later - but only slept just shy of two hours, and he was exhausted. Anyways, despite being sick he's in a good mood and tries to get outside at every opportunity he can. Yesterday I saw him walk over to the front door and try to open it. And he brought over Grammy's shoes to me (which Deanna, you forgot here!) and then put them on his feet. Hilarious.

I thought I had posted this, but guess not. Carson woke up at 10 and was back down at 11:45 and is still sleeping (it's now 2pm). The whole time he was awake he was just sitting on my lap, snuggling his head into my chest. He hasn't eaten anything other than two squares of toast in the last two days. I've been giving him apple juice mixed with pedialyte out of his bottle, which I hate to do but he was sick and needed to be coddled.

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desajair said...

Oh gosh, I'm so so sorry you all got sick. That is super awful. I hope everyone recovers quickly!