Monday, March 10, 2008

It's so easy to forget

Now that Carson is in care, I kind of assume his social activities are taken care of. He interacts with kids all day - so come the weekend, we kind of hang out at home with Carson, bring him on our shopping/errands, take him out for walks, etc. It's so easy to get so caught up in your own routine and forget about what he needs.

Finally after we got plowed out last night (aroudn 5:30), (51cm of snow fell on Ottawa over the weekend) we made it to Justen's birthday party (8 hours late, but better late then never, right?) and Grace, Jaeda, Maisie, and Justen were all playing so well together. I would go over and sit with Carson on my lap and slowly but surely he'd get up and play. I would slowly move away from the room and try to sit and just watch, but as soon as he'd spot me, he'd be over within a matter of seconds. I want him to grow up and be comfortable to be around other kids and not as shy as I was.

Ok, I know he's only 15 months. But why not start him getting used to other kids now? It can't hurt. So I'm making a mental note to have a playdate for him every weekend. Which won't be that hard to accomplish seeing as every one of my friends has kids - so we BOTH get a playdate :)

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