Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More teeth, what's new?

So Carson's molars are coming in. He had the two back teeth beside the incisors (is that what they are called?) come in during our horrible trip to Florida. Now the molars are coming in. I can see one white bump representing each of the molars, so I know it's not supposed to be painful after the teeth break through the skin (why, have they asked a teething 15 month old if it hurts?) but this week he's been absolutely beside himself.

Carson's normally a pretty happy go lucky kid. Nothing really phases him. He's certainly a mommy's boy, but does quite well on his own and is happy to play and entertain himself for the most part. Well not lately. The other night, I had to make a salad for dinner and he stayed in the exact same spot and screamed for a good 10 minutes. If it wasn't so sad it may have been funny. He didn't move his feet. Towards the end he started to squat, but still didn't move his feet. Yesterday when Jeff dropped him off at care, he kept turning towards Jeff and looked at him with his big beautiful eyes - as if to say, why are you leaving me here? But then when I picked him up, S said he was perfect and two seconds after Jeff left Carson was happy playing with the kids. He had a great day. Last night started out great, we went for about an hour walk in his sled (my arms are paying for it now) and about 10 minutes before we got home he started wailing again. Then didn't stop for about 25 minutes after we got in the house. I was doing everything I could - he would not stop. I put him down to go to the washroom and then came back out and sat in the living room (he was by the kitchen table) and was trying to convince him to come over and read a book with me (his favorite book!) and he would take 2 steps - then scream for 5 minutes. Then another two steps - and scream (it wasn't crying so much as screaming?). Finally we gave in and went and got him.

This morning was the first time in a couple days he's woken up in the morning without crying. Before this weekend, he never woke up crying. Not in months and months! This morning he seemed like his old self. Jeff said he was a bit iffy going to S again this morning when he dropped him off, but we were away for almost 2 weeks so it's not totally surprising that it's taking him a while to get used to going again.

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Christy Ann said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear little one is not feeling too good. I'm sure this won't help but Guy's teeth didn't bother him at all - thank God. Just a little rash on the cheek/chin and then they were through.

Right now he's having a hard time. He's waking up through the night with a raging fever and feeling very unhappy and unsettled. He's quite tired and a bit less lively through the day, plus his appetite isn't as good, so I guess it's just some bug or another.

Still... poor little bubba's! It's so hard to watch them suffering isn't it????