Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We had a wonderful weekend in Toronto! Friday night we stayed with Michael and Olivia. It's funny how kids take a liking to certain people. Carson loved Uncle Michael. He sat on his lap for a good half an hour. Carson doesn't sit on MY lap for that long. He was just lying back against him and listening to us all talk.

Saturday we went for a walk to a farm (which was funny, we were driving along Danforth, busy street with busy side streets and all of a sudden, there was a farm). Carson loved the goats the best. It still kills me to see Carson just walking along....

Then we went on to my Donna and Ellery's house after Carson's nap. After running around the house chasing the cats and finding two baskets of golf balls (you should have seen his expression when he stumbled upon those), he proceeded to fall asleep quite early. Which left the rest of us to sit around, eat dinner and catch up. It was long overdue. The next day was Easter and Carson was lucky that his Auntie Donna Easter Bunny bought him a new Diego helicopter push toy!

Then it was off yet again to Blair and Cathy's for dinner, with the whole Walker clan (minus Dad and Arlene, Sam, Carrie and Rob and the kids). It was pretty loud there (we tried to warn Carson about the Walkers!) but by this point, Carson was a bit overtired from all the travelling and being in new places, so he stuck to his mom and dad pretty close. And of course, was comforted by his cars, trucks and trains.

All in all it was a great weekend. Carson was an absolute trooper the whole time, he travels great, sleeps in his playpen no matter where it is and was constantly happy. He made his mom and dad very proud.


Anne said...

He's so cute I can't get over it!!

Christy_ann said...

Great pics! It's a different world when they start walking isn't it? Fun tho'!

PS: Guy has that exact same Thomas the Train. He also has a DVD of Thomas stories, told by Ringo Starr. He's mad about it! There is 30 on it, but they are only 5mins long.

Christy said...

Oohhhh good to know about the DVD. Carson has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to TV, but I know that time will come to an end :)