Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thank you for your wishes

BUT last night at 12:47 (I had just gone to bed about 10 minutes earlier) Grammy came into the room with Carson who was covered in puke. Poor little bunny couldn't avoid the inevitable. He was happy as a clam though. We got cleaned up, played for an hour and then went back to bed. We moved the playpen into our room, I wanted to be close to him in case it happened again, and it took him a good hour to fall asleep (he was just playing in his bed) and he slept straight through... till 5. So we're up, he's eating toast in front of the TV (hey, I'm working on 2 hours sleep here) and I'm waiting for Jeff to get up so I can go nap. I'm not feeling too good (but staying positive... I will NOT get sick) so a couple of hours in bed will do me good.

Carson seems fine now, he keeps burping and I can hear it all in his stomach, but he's still super happy so I'm hoping the bug made it out of his system faster then the rest of the sickies!

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