Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Such different strokes for different folks

Hah, it's rather funny that a woman's blog I read had a post today about parenting. She was saying how she has mixed feelings about going back to work because there is no part of being a mom that she doesn't like. She says she wishes there was a little part of it she didn't like, so she could enjoy being back at work.

I don't think I am like that. I think there are parts of parenting that I don't particularly enjoy, however I like to think it's moreso that I love aspects of working, so it's a good balance for me. I've always enjoyed being around people, challenging myself (when it comes to work), being in a work environment and having a life away from my family. Where people don't see me just as Christy, the mom. It's like a lead a double life, and it's great.

It just goes to show there are tons of fabulous women out there with so many different takes on staying at home with your kids. I honestly believe that one isn't necessarily right and one is not wrong, but in the end we all just want our kids to grow up the best they can. And as happy as can be.

NB: When I say there are parts to parenting I don't enjoy, I can honestly say there's never been a minute that I hated it, or wishing we went back to our single lives, but there are certainly times I feel the need to leave the house for a bit, to get out on my own. But no matter how brief the time I'm gone, I'm always happy and excited to get back to it. To get back to my family.

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