Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh he's funny

Every day he gets that more communicative. It's amazing, tonight (or I guess this morning, with Jeff) he stared playing this game where you turn your heads away from each other and then slowly start to look at the other person out of the corner of your eye. He plays the game perfectly. He looks like he's trying to be sneaky, and then he laughs cause he knows he just did something funny. He's growing to be such a smart little boy. Jeff and I always laughed when I was pregnant and said - he or she may not be cute, but they sure are going to be smart!

He's getting quite good at eating by himself, and he loves sitting at Ethan and Isabelle's old white table. He'll sit there, eats his after daycare snack while I get dinner ready and then play for sometimes almost 20 minutes.

Then he had to take a bunch of his toys and put them all on one stair. Then he took each one and put it on the next step up until all of them were on the next step. Then onto the next step. So carefully, so intentional.

And really? Isn't my little guy just gorgeus? Every time I look at him I think just how freaking cute he is.

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