Monday, March 17, 2008


Carson's latest and greatest thing is his 5 favourite vehicles. His bus, police car, bus #2, truck and car. He'll very carefully and methodically put one at a time on the kitchen chair. Then, one at a time, he moves them to his little table. Then from his table to the other chair... and again. And again. It's the cutest thing! He LOVES his little table and chairs and will sit there forever just playing with his cars.

Winter boots weren't such a hit with him. So I tried rainboots. Much easier to put on and I figured not as heavy. But, same as the boots, he won't move with them. He'll stand there and as soon as he wants to move, he'll let me know (see picture below) he'll only move if I'm holding him.

This kid loves anything on wheels. The other day we went for a walk and he stood on the street corner and just pointed at each car as it went by. He could have stayed there for hours!

Here we are!

He'll run from the living room into the kitchen and then come back and try to scare us. He has this new toddler laugh/screech thing when he thinks something is really funny. Even Auntie Carrie said his laugh sounds more kid-ish and less baby-ish.

My stupid camera wouldn't take the picture fast enough. Sofia and Carson shared a little kiss, but this is the only picture I got.

A family picture!

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Anne said...

He's so adorable! Great family picture!!