Thursday, September 20, 2007

When did we end up with this?

When did he turn from a little baby into a boy? He's so incredible these days. Whenever I take him somewhere he is so excited to get out of his car seat and see where he is. He looks at his new surroundings and just reaches out for the first thing he can touch. He always looks at me every couple of seconds to make sure I'm still there. He always crawls over to the front door and kicks his legs and screeches (a happy screech!) when I finally open the door to go outside. He goes all the way up the stairs (esp. if there's someone he wants to see up there), I'm trying to teach him to go down (by crawling backwards on his stomach if that makes sense?) and he's kind of getting it, but he thinks it's more fun time then something he should be learning to do. Today we went shopping and I was looking through the aisles so mom put him down on the ground. He went around a few corners and found a sitting toy and climbed up on it himself! So of course it came home with us (pictures are below). He sits on it and starts to jump up and down. It's hilarious.

On a completely different note - I'm starting to think Carson has too many clothes. So I think I will try and avoid shopping for him for as long as I can. I just can't help myself! I just put most of his summer stuff away, I left out a few pairs of shorts for this gorgeus weather we are having.


Christy_Ann said...

That's amazing! Guy is almost two and has about a 1/4 that amount! Mind you, it's gets very cold where you are doesn't it. Guy only has two long-sleeved jackets - and he's only worn one!!

Still, I know what you mean. As we are coming into summer here, I've recently got him another sun hat and some more singlets and swimming clothes to keep the dangerous UV rays off him...

desajair said...

Wow. Yes, he's well stocked isn't he? LOL, Kailey doesn't even need half her closet, and its half the size!