Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Busy with a Capital B

Holy. He's everywhere. Into everything. He easily goes down the step into the front entrance and back up again. He's at the point where he beelines for something he wants. You open the fridge door, he stops whatever he's doing and crawls super fast towards it. Close the door? He cries. This morning when Jeff opened the front door to leave Carson zipped away from the book he was "reading" and went down that first stair right towards the door. He sees what he wants and he does everything he can to try and get it! I used to think being a mom before was tired? Now there is absolutely no rest for the wicked!

He now kisses. Well, doesn't quite kiss me (well he does, just not when prompted) but he has the Animal Kisses book and I always bring the book into touch his lips on each animal. Now he leans forwards and kisses each animal. It's pretty sweet.

I'm thinking there may be more teeth coming in. The past couple days he's been a tad whiny and last night he just wasn't happy being anywhere but in mommy or daddy's arms from about 4pm on. He felt a bit hot, although I only took his temperature after a bath and it said he was OK but I don't know if being in the bath would skew the results? So we gave him a hit of Advil. He slept perfectly fine during the night and this morning was a tad whiny again. His cheeks are red and it's not quite a diaper rash but his bum is a little red. My girlfriends all swear that the diaper rash accompanies teeth coming in. So I keep looking, but don't see anything yet. Of course he may just be grumpy but so far whenever this has happened - teeth have come in.


desajair said...

Teething. That's would be my vote too. Kailey's teeth are taking frickin' forever! All month, I think they've been moving up and down because she gets super grumpy (well, for her) and red cheeks and red bum... and then nothing. And now again this morning!

Kristen said...

He's gonna be walking in no time! I bet you burn off a zillion calories keeping tabs on him all day long :P.