Saturday, September 22, 2007


He's definitely saying "mamamamma" but I don't think he's saying mamma. As in me. But it's cute. And I'm going to pretend that he's calling me. And, if I say it first? He copies me. Also, he has this rather demonic type voice he does now. He's been doing it a couple of months but now if I do it first? That's right, he copies me. So that's two new party tricks for Carson.

A great Saturday, went and saw Kate and LJ's house (all the way in Casselman!) and after his nap we went for a trip to the park with Carrie, Ethan and Isabelle. Oh, and Bailey-boxer. Carson loves animals. He loved all the cats he met during our trip and kicks his legs whenever he sees Bailey cause he's so excited. He's been ready for bed super early this past week, going to bed at 6:30.

We had our first Parents and Tots swimming lesson and we had lots of fun. He was just the cutest thing. I'm always thrown by how much of a little person he is now. We went in the water and he started kicking his legs - squealing with glee and laughing. He kept opening up his arms towards me and as soon as I got him close enough, he turned around and wanted to go back in the water. I was so totally enthralled by him, he just blew me away. I wish the class was a little earlier because he's exhausted before we even get there. But, such is life I guess.

He's not loving going down to sleep lately. He's all nice and calm, we go to put him down in the crib and he then he looks at us, and gives us "the looks". He pulls himself to a standing position and then if you stay peeking through the door he slowly puts his hand down and then lies down and after about 20 seconds, he's asleep. We haven't changed anything, so maybe is it anxiety? Thank god it doesn't last longer then a minute or else I'd be having a hard time with it.

What he is loving lately? Me. He would be the hapiest in the world if he could constantly have one hand on me. Jeff is a very close second mind you (especially if he's playing the game going from one of us to the other and back again seconds later) but he certainly does love his mom. Jeff's back to working regular hours (it's always a tad more relaxed in the summer) so Carson and I spend lots of hours a day together. Anyways I know it won't last forever so I'll relish in it as long as I can.

Erin's water broke this morning so if nothing happens today (she was told to go home and see if labour may begin on it's own) they will be inducing her first thing in the morning. Very exciting, we turned the ringer back on the phone in case we get a late night phone call! I say it's a girl, so we'll see if I'm right (well, me and the chinese gender predictor).


Christy_Ann said...

I know what you mean about what a little "person" Carson is now. You wait 'til he starts walking and talking! It's great when they can communicate things they want eg I say to Guy "do you want a banana" and he goes "No!" so I say "strawberries?" and he laughs and nods.

A lot less wasted food anyhow! :)

desajair said...

Awesome picture banner!