Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All smiles

He loved his dinner tonight. It was chicken pot pie (organic, frozen in the store) (Mother's Best I think), cauliflour with cheese sauce (I made it) and mango for dessert.

He's a smart little bugger. He laughs to get our attention now. He turns his head and tries to scramble around a corner if one of us leaves the room. He looks on the ground when you ask where the dog or kitty is (at least, I think he is). He LOVES being in the room with his mommy and daddy, then he'll just roll around looking at us both and then smiling. It's the best feeling in the world.

He went down the slide a few times today, I only let him go halfway when I am there by myself. He almost took a nosedive too (his pants stuck to the slide so he went forward to come to me), so good thing I was only halfway down. He laughs hysterically when he's on the swing and kicks his legs like he is running in the air. He's always flirting with the women there, and they always comment on what a ham he is.

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