Friday, September 28, 2007

A few things

1/ I withdrew from our Friday morning swimming classes. They were fun, but a really bad time for us. Carson normally wakes up at quarter to 7 (which is PERFECT for me!) and goes down for his nap around 8:30-9. This class is at 8:30 and he's just really really tired. This morning he woke up a bit earlier (6am) and by the time the class came he was exhausted. His eyes were red and he was pretty lazy the whole time. He crashed SO hard in the car that I brought him inside, changed him and put him to bed without him waking up. So now there is a credit on my account which we are bound to use up soon enough! I'll just take him during leisure time. Sure the songs were great (I always sing to him) but I think he'll have just as much fun during the leisure time.

2/ I got an e-mail from a lady who had posted an ad on kijiji about daycare. She has a spot available for December and I loved her ad, so I'm calling her to make an appt for interview. AND this lady lives on the street that our street crosses - how is THAT for convenience? I'm not saying that she's the one, but it reassures me that something will come up. Most ads are looking for kids for the next month, so it looks like it's rather last minute. So we are still a full 2 months away. I'm not nearly as worried anymore.

3/ I'm a "single mom" this weekend. Jeff and the boys are gone to Montreal for the President's Cup so Carson and I are flying solo. We have a busy weekend planned though - trips to the park, a birthday party, Mom and I are taking Carson and walking the 5K Run for the Cure and I may squeeze a little bit of shopping in there somewhere. It's good and bad that my mom lives right next to Boomerang, I'm in love with that store.

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