Thursday, September 06, 2007

Little update

The first few times I gave Carson a lemon, he didn't react at all to the taste and he quite liked them. After lunch today, I was using lemon for making my lunch so I gave him a piece assuming it would be like all the previous times. Was I ever wrong:

I pushed his naptime till 12:30 today (normally it's at noon on the dot) but I'm really trying to consolidate his two afternoon naps. Right now a typical day (sleep-wise) is this:

Wakes up at 6am

Nap at 8:30 (sometimes anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30) until 10-10:30

Nap at noon (until 1:30-2)

Nap at 4:00 (till 5 or 5:30)

Bedtime at 7pm

I'd love the two naps to be closer together and eventually just be one nap. But anyways this afternoon I was watching him go to sleep and it was quite funny. I put him on his stomach and he brings up his knees so his bum is high in the air and then he pushes himself back so he's sitting up. And is he ever proud of himself. Then he plays with the toys in his crib, then he rolls back down onto his back and cuddles with his blankets (he LOVES receiving blankets!). He did this for a while, and I stopped peeking and eventually he fell asleep.

My little boogs.

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Kristen said...

That's cute :). Good luck with the nap consolidaion & have fun at bootcamp!